Can You Kiss With Gingivitis?

Can you spread gum disease?

I’m sure you’re all wondering– Can it be spread by kissing or sharing saliva.

To invalidate the rumors, gum disease is not contagious.

You can not acquire the disease by sharing a drink or food with someone who unknowingly has gum disease..

What happens if you kiss someone with gum disease?

If the person doesn’t brush and floss regularly, their mouth is teaming with harmful bacteria, called plaque, that causes tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque can be transferred through exchanging saliva, so kissing someone who suffers from periodontal disease will increase your need to brush and floss regularly.

How quickly can I get rid of gingivitis?

You can expect to see improvements after a few days of treatment, but it may take a while for symptoms to go away completely. In most cases, gingivitis usually clears up within 10 to 14 days.

Can gingivitis spread to other teeth?

Many people have inflamed gums every now and then. A gum inflammation (gingivitis) usually doesn’t cause any major problems at first. But it may spread to other parts of the periodontium (the soft tissue and bone responsible for keeping our teeth firmly anchored) and cause damage there.