Quick Answer: How Can You Tell The Difference Between Smooth And Dense Connective Tissue?

How can you tell dense regular connective tissue?

Dense connective tissue is enriched in collagen fibers with little ground substance.

If the closely packed bundles of fibers are located in one direction, it is called regular; if oriented in multiple directions, it is referred to as irregular..

How can you tell the difference between tissues?

Here are some basic differences between the cell and the tissue….Cell and Tissue – Differences.CELLTISSUEFunctions include Growth, metabolism, and reproduction.Has its own unique function. A group of similar cells combines together to perform a similar function and to form organs.6 more rows

How do you identify stratified squamous epithelium?

Stratified squamous epithelia consist of multiple layers of cells with the outer most layer being squamous. The other layers may contain cells that are cuboidal and/or columnar, but the classification of the epithelium is based only on the shape of the outermost layer of cells.

How do you identify transitional epithelium?

Transitional epithelium, The surface cells of relaxed transitional epithelium are almost conical, with an apical surface that often bulges into the lumen; they are often considerably larger than underlying cells and may be binucleate.

What are 3 types of connective tissue?

The three types of connective tissue fibers are:Collagen fibers – most are type I collagen (most abundant protein in the body)Elastic fibers – contain elastin and fibrillin.Reticular fibers – contain type III collagen.

What is an example of dense connective tissue?

Dense connective tissue forms strong, rope-like structures such as tendons and ligaments. … Tendons attach skeletal muscles to bones; ligaments connect bones to bones at joints. Ligaments are more stretchy and contain more elastic fibers than tendons.