Quick Answer: What Is The Average Cost Of Zoom Whitening?

How long does it take to whiten teeth with Zoom?

The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes.

Once the whitening is complete, a different gel is applied to your teeth to lessen sensitivity.

Before you leave, you will receive a touch-up kit and advice from your dentist about which foods you are able to eat and drink..

Does Zoom whitening work for everyone?

2 One of the most common laser teeth whitening procedures, Zoom teeth whitening, is a process by which a light-activated 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel is applied to the teeth before a blue plasma light activates the solution. … Sadly, even in-office professional whitening doesn’t work on everyone.

How many shades does ZOOM whitening?

The Zoom! In-Office Whitening System uses proprietary technology to whiten your teeth an average of eight shades* in a little over an hour while you relax at your dentist’s office.

How much does Zoom whitening treatment cost?

In-Chair Teeth Whitening for $545.

How bad does ZOOM whitening?

During the teeth whitening procedure, you may experience what we call “zingers.” Zingers are brief flashes of pain that happen when the nerves in your teeth react to the whitening process. This pain can continue even after you leave the office, which is why we always give our patients pain relievers to take afterwards.

Is Zoom Whitening worth it?

Most patients find that the cost of the procedure is well worth it for the results they receive, but it’s important to take your time and make sure ZOOM! is something you really want to move forward with.

How often should you do zoom whitening?

How Often Should You Do In-Office Dental Whitening? Dentists might do touch-ups on your teeth instead of redoing the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure because it’s not recommended that you do it for more than once a year.

Which is better Laser or Zoom teeth whitening?

Zoom whitens teeth faster Studies have shown that Zoom whitening actually produces results more quickly than laser teeth whitening.

Should I brush my teeth after Zoom whitening?

Brush your teeth with desensitising toothpaste and a soft bristled toothbrush to help reduce tooth sensitivity. Do not brush and floss aggressively as this can wear down soft enamel after treatment and irritate the gums.