Quick Answer: Whats Does Mitigation Mean?

What are examples of mitigation?

Examples of mitigation actions are planning and zoning, floodplain protection, property acquisition and relocation, or public outreach projects.

Examples of preparedness actions are installing disaster warning systems, purchasing radio communications equipment, or conducting emergency response training..

Mitigation in law is the principle that a party who has suffered loss (from a tort or breach of contract) has to take reasonable action to minimize the amount of the loss suffered. … The actions of the defendant may also result in the mitigation of damages which would otherwise have been due to the successful plaintiff.

What is an example of a mitigating circumstance?

Mitigating circumstances must be relevant to why an offense was committed. Examples of mitigating circumstances include the age, history, and remorsefulness of the defendant. … The defendant’s mental capacity. The crime was an accident.

What are the three types of mitigation plans?

The mitigation strategy is made up of three main required components: mitigation goals, mitigation actions, and an action plan for implementation. These provide the framework to identify, prioritize and implement actions to reduce risk to hazards.

What are mitigation strategies?

A risk mitigation strategy, by definition, is taking steps to reduce the risk (the severity of the impact and/or probability of the occurrence). Losses can quickly accumulate if rates rapidly change and, at that point, reducing the risk becomes considerably more costly. …

What are the 4 commonly used risk mitigation process?

The four types of risk mitigating strategies include risk avoidance, acceptance, transference and limitation. Avoid: In general, risks should be avoided that involve a high probability impact for both financial loss and damage.

How do you write a mitigation plan?

Identify actions and steps needed to implement the mitigation strategy….Understand the users and their needs. … Seek out the experts and use them. … Recognize risks that recur. … Encourage risk taking. … Recognize opportunities. … Encourage deliberate consideration of mitigation options. … Not all risks require mitigation plans.

How do you use mitigation?

Mitigation sentence examplesThe nobles protested, and Egmont was deputed to go to Madrid and try to obtain from the king a mitigation of the edicts and redress of grievances. … The removal or the mitigation of objectionable matter is also occasionally found.More items…

What is the best meaning of mitigate?

mitigate \MIT-uh-gayt\ verb. 1 : to cause to become less harsh or hostile : mollify. 2 a : to make less severe or painful : alleviate. b : to lessen the seriousness of : extenuate.

What is another word for impact?

Some common synonyms of impact are collision, concussion, and shock.

How do you mitigate a disaster?

Other examples of mitigation measures include:Hazard mapping.Adoption and enforcement of land use and zoning practices.Implementing and enforcing building codes.Flood plain mapping.Reinforced tornado safe rooms.Burying of electrical cables to prevent ice build-up.Raising of homes in flood-prone areas.More items…•

What is mitigation work?

A mitigation action is a specific action, project, activity, or process taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from hazards and their impacts. Implementing mitigation actions helps achieve the plan’s mission and goals.

What is mitigation in simple words?

the act of mitigating, or lessening the force or intensity of something unpleasant, as wrath, pain, grief, or extreme circumstances: Social support is the most important factor in the mitigation of stress among adolescents. the act of making a condition or consequence less severe: the mitigation of a punishment.

What is the main purpose of mitigation?

Hazard mitigation planning reduces loss of life and property by minimizing the impact of disasters.

What is the synonyms of mitigate?

Synonyms & Antonyms of mitigateallay,alleviate,assuage,ease,help,mollify,palliate,relieve,More items…

What is a mitigation agreement?

Definition. An agreement between parties of a covered transaction and one or more CFIUS agencies to reduce identified national security risks that cannot be addressed under existing authorities or other provisions of law.

What does it mean to mitigate losses?

Mitigate your loss is a legal term meaning keep your losses to a minimum. So even if you are the innocent victim of a breach of contract you are under a duty to keep your losses down.