Quick Answer: Which Of The Following Actions Is An Example Of Secondary Prevention Quizlet?

Which of the following actions is an example of primary prevention quizlet?

Which of the following actions is an example of primary prevention.

Quitting smoking to prevent lung disease..

What are the three types of prevention?

Too many define prevention simply as tests and screenings, but the fact is that “prevention” includes three forms —primary, secondary and tertiary—that represent a far broader base of interventions for preventing, detecting, and managing disease.

What does a nurse understand about the secondary level of prevention?

Secondary prevention refers to measures taken for people who are suffering from a disease or are at risk for developing complications. The nurse is caring for a patient with an illness.

Which of the following actions is an example of secondary prevention?

Examples include immunization and taking regular exercise to prevent health problems developing in the future. Secondary prevention includes those preventive measures that lead to early diagnosis and prompt treatment of a disease, illness or injury.

Which of these is an example of secondary prevention?

Blood pressure screening for hypertension, audiometric testing for hearing impairment, and skin testing for tuberculosis are examples of secondary prevention.

Which of these is an example of secondary prevention quizlet?

Examples of secondary prevention include: home visits by helpful nurses or social workers, as well as high-quality day care that gives vulnerable parents a break while teaching how to make friends and resolve conflicts.

What is secondary prevention?

Primary Prevention – trying to prevent yourself from getting a disease. Secondary Prevention – trying to detect a disease early and prevent it from getting worse. Tertiary Prevention – trying to improve your quality of life and reduce the symptoms of a disease you already have.

Which of the following is an example of tertiary prevention group of answer choices?

Driving cancer patients to their treatments is an example of tertiary prevention.

What is tertiary prevention?

Tertiary Prevention: While secondary prevention seeks to prevent the onset of illness, tertiary prevention aims to reduce the effects of the disease once established in an individual. Forms of tertiary prevention are commonly rehabilitation efforts.

What are the three levels of child maltreatment?

Prevention efforts are generally recognized as occurring along three levels: primary prevention directed at the general population to prevent maltreatment before it occurs (universal), secondary prevention targeted to individuals or families in which maltreatment is more likely (high risk), and tertiary prevention …

What are the primary secondary and tertiary prevention of mental illness?

THE CONCEPTS There are three categories of prevention: primary prevention focuses on various determinants in the whole population or in the high risk group. Secondary prevention comprises early detection and intervention. Tertiary prevention targets for advanced recovery and reduction of relapse risk.

What is secondary prevention of diabetes?

Secondary prevention is focused on decreasing the macrovascular complications. Application of effective strategies can result in up to 50% risk reduction in macrovascular complications. Effective measures in this case include: Glycemic control. Treatment of lipid disorders.